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Don't just take our word for it, see what our Beautiful Brides have to say. Please head over to our Facebook Page and visit our Google reviews to find more real-bride experiences with us.

Bride Spotlight

This is the journey of one of our beautiful brides, Danielle, who when she first arrived at my door, her confidence about her curves was on the floor - so much so that she had told everyone who was attending her wedding that she would be wearing a maxi dress because she didn't feel she would ever look nice in a gown. This broke my heart, with a little encouragement from her daughter she managed to pluck up the courage to come in and see me.  I promised her that by the time her appointment with me was finished she would feel completely different about her beautiful body... we had tears of sheer relief and joy when she started to try on my dresses and I was over the moon when I saw her face light up because in that moment she realized she did look great in a wedding dress, she was blowing me and her daughter away every time she came out in a different style, she found the one. Below are some videos and images of Danielle herself talking about her journey with us at Beautiful Brides Liverpool.

"My anxiety was through the roof about trying on a dress. Marisa, you are amazing I never thought I would ever feel the way I did today, not in million years. I can’t thank you enough you are perfect. Thank you for making me feel beautiful." - Danielle

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Beautiful Brides Liverpool Real Brides.j
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