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Welcome to our beautiful boutique 

We offer phenomenal collections from a range of different designers, including some designs that are exclusive to Beautiful Brides Liverpool, which you won't be able to find anywhere else in the UK. Our dresses are all brand new and from current collections. These designers and their collections have been specially selected for you to experience the most amazing bridal appointment with an abundance of beautiful dresses suited to flatter and celebrate your curves. We have a variety of styles to give you CHOICE when coming to try on at our boutique and our dresses have matching accessories that enable us to help you with styling, so YOU can achieve your own individual look.

About our appointments

Our appointments last approximately 1 hr 30 min. In this time, we discuss silhouettes and shaping fundamental to the selection process. We will help you to determine what works for you and your individual body shape and will assist you if there are elements you wish to incorporate or remove from a design to fully achieve your dream dress desires.  We will also guide you through accessories, as these additions can change the whole look when paired with different gowns.And then for a cheeky selfie on our newly installed neon backdrop as a permenant reminder that your size does not define you!!!!

Beautiful Brides Liverpool Plus Size Boutique

What to bring to your appointment?

It does make a difference to have good fitting underwear, nude preferably, and a strapless bra (bring the straps along too as we have all different necklines that will work with a bra if you do choose to wear on with your gown).

Kinckers- i cant stand pull in pants!!! they dig in and are so uncomfortable so why the hell anyone would wanna wear them all day on their wedding day is beyoynd me! so i always reconmend wearing big pants!!! ones that are comfortable and dont dig in as the more fitted dresses dont like it when we shove our rolls and ripples into different places!! my go to pants are by the big bloomers company and well for (evening) bridal underwear playful promises have gorgeous sexy sets in great sizes!!!


Shoes- bring a shoe with your desired heel height it doesn't have to be THE SHOE, just some that have a heel height equivalent to what you think you may wear on the day (the correct bridal shoe is required at first fitting).


We ask that you bring a maximum of 3 people along. We serve refreshments including tea, herbal tea, coffee, mocktails, sweets and cakes and a cheeky little glass of bubblesas its such a special occasion!

Beautiful Brides Liverpool Plus Size Boutique

Or how about a VIP appointment? 

Our VIP appointments offer our bride and their guests the most amazing and memorable experience. They include a 2 hr appointment with the Boutique closed to the public (late night appointments available) decorated with balloons, bubbles and gift bag for the bride. If you want to book this on behalf of the bride as a surprise we can also arrange for a special boquet for her arrival (at an additional cost)

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